parfum baccarat wanita

Parfum Baccarat Wanita, Nagita Slavina Pernah Coba?!

Women’s Baccarat Perfume , Have You Tried Nagita Slavina? Check Here – Baccarat perfume is a type of perfume that has a distinctive floral aroma  with a combination of extracts of various flowers such as saffron and jasmine.

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This fragrance is very suitable for use by women, its floral fragrance makes them more elegant and beautiful . So what are the features of this baccarat perfume ? Reportedly one of the famous artists have used this perfume too you know!


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Features of Women’s Baccarat Perfume

This perfume is one type of perfume that is booming in use by women, you know. Collaborated with the best selection of ingredients and blended with high quality fragrance . In addition, this perfume is formulated by expert perfumers  who are very talented in making formulations for perfumes. So it’s only fitting that this perfume is given an expensive budget . This is the specialty of other baccarat perfumes for women, you must know!

Has a very elegant packaging design

Did you know, this baccarat perfume has packaging designs of various sizes, for example there is a 70ml size which is hygienic and can be carried everywhere. The perfume packaging design has an original label that makes this perfume look more executive. In addition, the applicator is wrapped in gold shades which makes it more beautiful.

Price of Women’s Baccarat Perfume

The First Women’s Baccarat Perfume Nagita Slavina ( Baccarat Rouge 450)

This type of women’s baccarat perfume is often used by top artists such as Nagita Slavina. The price reaps a nominal value of IDR 3,000,000 to IDR 6,000,000. This perfume has an exclusive packaging with gold nuances in the bottle. For those of you who like the smell of floral perfumes, this perfume is suitable for you. The formulation contains a collaboration of saffron and jasmine spice extracts. So that makes this perfume really good and has a distinctively alluring fragrance.

Second Women’s Baccarat Perfume , Sahrini (Bond Scent of Peace)

After Nagita Slavina, top artist Sahrini is also often seen wearing Baccarat perfume . The price range of this perfume is around Rp. 3,700,000 to Rp. 5,500,000. This perfume has a purplish feel with кейген для фотошопа cs5 a unique packaging design complete with sparking florals combined with citrus.

The Three Women’s Baccarat Perfumes , Maudy Ayunda (Jo Malone Peony or Blush Suede)

The beautiful artist and actress Maudy Ayunda also turns out to be wearing Baccarat perfume , you know, with a price range of around Rp. 2,000,000. This Maudy Ayunda perfume has an elegant and minimalist packaging design and a refreshing aroma.

Well, this type of perfume has a fragrant nuance mixed with peony and a collaboration of red apple extract, jasmine and gillyflower . For those of you who want to look confident, this type of perfume is perfect for a very sensual fragrant sensation.

The Four Women’s Baccarat Perfume , Luna Maya (Santal No. 33)

Then the next nameplate artist who uses baccarat perfume is Luna Maya. The price range of this perfume is around IDR 2,000,000 to IDR 11,000,000, wow! The price is higher than the others.

This type of perfume has a simple and minimalist design that can be used by both men and women. The fragrance in this perfume comes from cardamom, boiler, sandalwood, papyrus, some spicy, sandalwood, cedarwood, some spicy,  and musky notes. For those of you who like the smell of flowers that are unique and chave de ativação malwarebytes 2019 fragrant, you need to try this perfume Baccarat Luna Maya.


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Well, beautypreneurs, that ‘s the best women’s baccarat perfume that is also often used by top artists, you know. The price is not up to billions and you can also try.

For those of you who want to have your own perfume brand for sales or individual purposes. You can really contact our customer service , hopefully it will be useful.

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